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 Rules & Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules & Regulations   Rules & Regulations EmptySat Jan 02, 2010 3:43 pm

xxxxxIf you don't know what role-playing is then I suggest you don't join.

xxxxxIf you know what it is then by all means join, well actually join if you have experience. I want post to contain stuff others can work with. I don't know maybe a two paragraph minimum or something. I don't want one-liners, I want people who type correctly meaning proper grammar. I don't want text talk, if you're experienced then I don't have to tell you this. As for the RPs you make I don't care what person you put them in whether it's 3rd or 1st whatever.

xxxxxI'd prefer if the characters you make use real pictures.

xxxxxI really don't want to waste my time explaining the basics if most of you already know I guess the last thing I should say is umm be polite to others when doing sex scenes because no one wants to really read that. If you're doing one then time skip, and don't make things uber kinky with fuzzy cuffs or whips. Keep it pg-17 please.

xxxxxUnderstand that not everyone will be on all the time and have things to do like go to school, work, etc. Don't pester anybody to post immediately especially if it's a mega advance literate role play that everyone posts ten paragraphs per post or something.

xxxxxAlso I like pretty posts, I want something else to look at not just colored text. I want pictures with icons and pretty font. The whole bang you know.

I go by many names, but I perfer Romance to be the game.
I'll play sex of Dude and Chick give me the choice and I'll just pick.

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Rules & Regulations
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